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If you for some reason can not start The Escapists 2, have low FPS, terrible slows, disappear textures, throws to the desktop and also gives an error, does not save the game and settings, no sound, a bug with textures or a black screen — then In this article you will find a solution.

The Escapists 2 does not start

1) Check that the game suits the requirements of the system, and also run the game not on the built-in video card, but on ati / nvidia
2) Run the game as administrator or in compatibility mode

However, as a rule, players will finish, omissions developers, already have Patch Fix, which solves a large number of bugs in The Escapists 2 and problems with the launch.

Download: link

Installation: Standard, during installation, specify the folder with The Escapists 2
Patchfix patch list:
— Fixed optimization for different OSes, when The Escapists 2 does not start on Windows 8 and Windows 10.
— Fixed a compatibility problem when The Escapists 2 does not start, crashes on startup.
— Fixed bug when The Escapists 2 died down and you can not do anything.
— Fixed bug when The Escapists 2 crashes to the desktop.
— Fixed «DirectX» bug even with updated drivers.
— Fixed «The program stopped working» and The Escapists 2 crashes during the game.
— Fixed the problem of optimization with hardware, when after the launch of The Escapists 2 was a black screen.
— Fixed 12 small problems that you can ignore.

P.S. If, after installation, the patch fix for The Escapists 2 still does not start, throws it out of the game with an error, then you have a 100% problem with the crack. Find another working repack.

The Escapists 2 brakes and low FPS

There are a lot of complaints about the fact that the iron is powerful, but at the same time the game lurks and frizzites. With excellent performance on some components, on others similar in power will brake.
— Go into the game, collapse, then open the NVidia settings, there among all the processes to find the The Escapists 2 process. Next, in the second paragraph, find and select the GPU «High-performance NVIDIA processor». Then in the third paragraph, select «Vertical sync pulse» and tick on. Save the settings, restart the game.
— Enable Anisotropic filtering, in NVidia settings go to «Setting the PhysX configuration», there you choose your graphics processor (video card).

The Escapists 2 crashes to the desktop

1) Turn off all additional software that you do not need during the game: players, browsers, antivirus, etc.
2) Lower the settings in the game to a minimum.
3) Increase the priority of the game process in the task manager on the High
4) Start the game using programs that release the memory of Game Prelauncher or Gamebooster
5) Enable Vertical Synchronization in the game settings (Vsync) and if the situation does not improve, turn it off. This option is capable of both increasing the number of frames, and reducing.
6) Use the OS 64 bit for a comfortable game in new games.

The Escapists 2 no sound in the game, a problem with sound

Update or reinstall the drivers for the sound card.

Unfortunately, this problem has not been solved yet. And the main problem is that it can manifest itself at any time and remain until the end of the game. Only the future patch will help, the developers are already working on it.

The Escapists 2 black screen

1) Update or reinstall the drivers on the graphics card. How to update the driver can be found in this issue
2) Start the game in the window, and if the game starts, move it to full screen mode by pressing ctrl + enter (but it does not work with all games). Window mode can also be enabled in the game settings files or by setting the -w option in the startup parameters, but this also does not work in all games.
3) Run the game as administrator or in compatibility mode. And if it did not help you, try running the game simultaneously with the compatibility mode and in the windowed mode.
4) Turn off the 2nd graphics card if there is one
5) Switch from the built-in video card to Ati / Nvidia if you are playing on a laptop
6) Uncheck Read only from all game files. Click on the PCM on the folder with the game and select properties

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