Registration application coursework: how to arrange drawings, graphics in the application, GOST

  1. Multi-application rules
  2. Header design rules
  3. Application Numbering Rules
  4. Rules for the design of one and several sheets of the application
  5. Rules for linking to applications in the course

Want to know how to pass the course without problems? It is enough to perform a competent design of the application in the term paper.

If you have already read all the necessary materials on our telegram channel and decided to do it yourself, we will give you some tips on how to properly look at the coursework drawings, tables, graphs and other documents included in the application.

The rules for registration of the course and thesis work are very similar. For example, you will have to follow all the same recommendations of GOST.

Multi-application rules

If you plan to make several applications (graphs, drawings, tables, graphic images), then place each of them on a separate sheet.

Moreover, the order of bringing the applications into the work should be consistent: each new sheet with the application goes in the order in which it is referred to in the main text of the work.

Header design rules

Each new sheet with an attachment has its own title. At the top in the center of the page they write the word “Appendix”, and then its numbering (according to the order of use in the text).

Application Numbering Rules

The numbering of the applications is not in Arabic numerals, but in capital letters of the Russian alphabet (for example, APPENDIX A). In the name of the application, you can use the Latin alphabet.

In this case, it is not allowed to use the letter I. Any number of letters of the Russian alphabet can be used as numbering, except for: Ё, З, Й, О, Ч, Ь, Ы, Ъ.

If there are so many applications that all the letters of the alphabet (Russian or Latin) have already been used, the numbering can be continued using Arabic numerals.

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Rules for the design of one and several sheets of the application

If the application includes a total of 1 document (sheet), it is designated as follows: Appendix A.

If in one application they plan to divide information into blocks, then the components of the document can be divided. This is done by adding the index No. to the name (for example, Appendix A No. 1, etc.).

In case there are several applications in term paper, each page will have its own numbering (transparent).

Always pay attention to guidance. They indicate the features of the application design specifically for your university. For example, some institutions of higher education recommend that applications should be drawn up as follows: Appendix 1, Appendix 2 ... Appendix 7.

Rules for linking to applications in the course

When writing the main text at the end of the phrase for which the application is made, it is necessary to make a sign on where to look for an explanation of the above. For example:

For example:

Or like this:

Or like this:

Now you know how to make an application in a term paper. In general, if you do not want to understand the sea of ​​information, contact professional student service . And if not, just follow the above rules - and you will be happy.